Businesses operating under Alert Level 3 in Auckland

Although Auckland is currently in Alert Level 3, most businesses can lawfully operate with certain constraints, provided they have systems and processes in place to ensure measures are taken to manage the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Levels 3 and 2) Order 2020 (“Order”) came into force at 11:59 am on 12 August 2020.  Under the Order, businesses and [...]

Businesses operating under Alert Level 3 in Auckland2020-08-21T11:02:54+12:00

Can employers ‘make’ staff get tested for COVID-19?

This article was written by Priscilla Dickinson, and published on Newshub (19 August 2020). As COVID-19 testing ramps up, employees may be wondering if their employer can make them get tested, and if they can refuse. On Tuesday, 18,421 COVID-19 tests were completed: 616,377 have been carried out since January 22. The Ministry of Health urges anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms to get a test - [...]

Can employers ‘make’ staff get tested for COVID-19?2020-08-19T11:39:33+12:00

COVID-19: Second Wage Subsidy Extension

This afternoon, 17 August 2020, the Government announced the details of the second extension to the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy, designed to assist employers suffering the effects of the second wave of the virus in New Zealand.  The cost of the new scheme, the COVID-19 Resurgence Wage Subsidy, is estimated to be $510 million, bringing the total cost of the already existing extension, and the [...]

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COVID-19: The Ministry of Health’s Powers

Following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement, Auckland will remain at Alert Level 3, whilst the rest of New Zealand will remain at Level 2 until 11:59pm on 26 August 2020. In times of national crisis’ such as COVID-19, many questions circulate about the extent of the Government’s authority to issue orders and directives.  For some, these may be questions around the extent to [...]

COVID-19: The Ministry of Health’s Powers2020-08-17T14:40:54+12:00

COVID-19: The Second Wave

As of midday today, Auckland once again proceeded to Alert Level 3, while the rest of the country proceeded to Alert Level 2.  Naturally, this comes with great disappointment and fear about what the future holds. Though the Government has announced that the move into the respective Alert Levels is expected to last until midnight Friday, we could reasonably predict an extension.  Especially [...]

COVID-19: The Second Wave2020-08-13T12:16:09+12:00

A Word of Caution: Work Trials and Observations

Especially given the current economic environment, many workers can become desperate for work. In particular, we have seen the tourism and hospitality sectors continue to suffer considerably from the effects of our border closure. In such an environment, prospective employees are often asked to undertake a period of work observation, or work trial. It is important for employers to ensure that any such [...]

A Word of Caution: Work Trials and Observations2020-08-10T13:30:21+12:00

Are discretionary incentive payments part of ‘gross earnings’?

The full bench of the Employment Court in Metropolitan Glass & Glazing Limited v Labour Inspector recently assessed whether certain discretionary incentive payments form part of an employee’s gross earnings under the Holidays Act (“Act”).  The meaning of ‘gross earnings’ underlies a number of calculations under the Holidays Act.  As such, it is vital to ensure that ‘gross earnings’ is calculated correctly, as it [...]

Are discretionary incentive payments part of ‘gross earnings’?2020-07-15T14:38:10+12:00

Could Covid accelerate the gig economy?

Policies, laws need to catch up with Covid world, say experts. By Nicola Shepheard Wed, 15 Jul 2020 A growing portion of Mike Treen’s work these days involves helping newly redundant workers navigate the byzantine and often perverse intricacies of welfare support. Treen, Unite Union national director, said that although the full Covid-19 income relief payment is more than double the basic adult jobseeker [...]

Could Covid accelerate the gig economy?2020-07-15T14:27:05+12:00

COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Update

Since the Wage Subsidy was first introduced on 13 March 2020, the Government has refined and clarified aspects of the Wage Subsidy as we see it operate in practice. The latest Government update has confirmed something that we have known since its inception, that the Wage Subsidy does not override any rights or obligations arising out of employment law or an employment agreement. [...]

COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Update2020-05-26T03:28:36+12:00

COVID-19 Alert Level 4: the obligation to pay employees

Earlier today, the Government declared a state of national emergency, pursuant to its powers under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002. This is in addition to the Government ordering the close down for all non-essential businesses and services for a period of 4 weeks commencing on 11.59pm Wednesday, 25 March 2020.  With these developments in mind, employers will naturally be wondering what their [...]

COVID-19 Alert Level 4: the obligation to pay employees2020-05-26T03:35:26+12:00
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